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Frequently Asked Questions
WHy is there a need to change?
As part of CrimsonLogic commitment to bring better value to our subscribers, we have enhanced some of the features in the InteReq system to better facilitate the submission of legal requisitions to relevant statutory boards and government agencies.
Can we access InteReq via LawNet website?
InteReq?s subscribers can continue to submit legal requisition via LawNet website.
What are some of the changes made to the system?
  • Automated retrieval of legal requisition reply from government agencies - to convenience users
  • New look and feel - to standardize across CrimsonLogic product offering
  • Floating menu - for ease of navigation
  • Legal requisition reply will be stored in the enhanced system for a duration of 3 months from date of creation.
Will there be additional charges for submitting legal requisition through the new system?
Yes, you will be charged as per normal when submitting your legal requisition to various government agencies via the enhanced InteReq system. Please refer 'Product Info' section for more information InteReq charges.
How can I learn more about the ehanced InteReq system?
Please refer 'User Guide' sections to view/download a detailed user guide for enhanced InteReq system.
How can I submit my feedback on the enhanced InteReq system?
Please refer to 'Feedback' section and click on the link to submit your valuable feedback/comments.
May I still submit legal requisition via the existing InteReq System?
Yes, you may still be able to submit legal requisition through the existing InteReq system via LawNet website.
Do I need a new user id and password to access the enhanced InteReq System?
No, you can still use your current user id to access the enhanced InteReq.
What is a web ID?
A web ID allows access to Intereq. It is a free ID. CrimsonLogic subscribers (paying via GIRO) who wants to access BizNet need to register online for a web ID.
What is a subscriber ID?
A subscriber ID is an ID issued by CrimsonLogic to users who subscribe to CrimsonLogic paying via interbank GIRO. All new GIRO subscribers will be instructed to link the Subscriber ID to the Web ID.
Do I need to subscribe to CrimsonLogic to obtain a Web ID?
No, just register online for a Web ID and password. Do I need to subscribe to CrimsonLogic to obtain a Web ID?

However, in addition to registering online for a Web ID, users who wish subscribe as a GIRO user need to send the following documents:
  • Application Form for Network Services
  • Original copy of Application Form for Interbank GIRO with authorised signature and company/business stamp
I am a GIRO user, do I have to register online as well?
Yes, you need to register online to obtain your Web ID and password.
What are the charges involved for GIRO members?
One-time registration fee of S$30.00
Monthly subscription fee of S$9.00