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PSS – INLIS: PSS - INLIS Scheduled System Downtime from 4 - 6 Aug 2023

Please be advised that PSS - INLIS service will be temporarily unavailable from 4 Aug, 1730hrs to 6 Aug, 1700hrs.

This period of downtime has been scheduled for necessary service updates

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

INTEREQ: Updates to PUB Replies

PUB replies will not be returned from 4 Aug, 1730hrs to 6 Aug, 1700hrs due to service updates.

Users can continue to submit legal requisitions to PUB during this period. Replies to all successful requisitions will be processed after 6 Aug 2023.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Important Update (as at 26 April 2023):

PSS-INLIS service resumed with effect from 25 Apr 2023, 6:30pm. 
Users can log in as per normal to conduct their PSS-INLIS searches.
For transactions completed from 14 April 2023 to 21 April 2023, we will be reviewing the transactions and processing the refund for users who have been billed incorrectly.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thanking you for your patience and support.

INTEREQ and PSS-INLIS: New URL for InteReq/PSS-INLIS with effect from 20th January 2023.

In an effort to promote uniformity and branding awareness, please note that we will replace the current URL link for InteReq and PSS-INLIS with

The service will be unavailable on 19th Jan 2023, 9pm-12am for scheduled maintenance.

Click here for more information.

INTEREQ: Change in GST rate from 7% to 8% with effect from 1 Jan 2023

The InteReq legal requisition and processing fees will be amended to reflect the new fees payable arising from the GST increase of 7% to 8%.

Please also take note that InteReq will cease receiving requisitions from Friday, 30 Dec 2022 (1700hrs) to Saturday 31 Dec 2022 (2359hrs) as we adjust the system to take in these changes. You can continue to log in to InteReq during this period to view or retrieve replies as per normal.

The service will be available to accept submissions from Sunday 1 Jan 2023 (0000hrs).

Click here for more information.

PSS:Change in GST rate from 7% to 8% with effect from 1 Jan 2023

Please be informed that the fees for the PSS-INLIS products has been adjusted to absorb the GST increase of 1% (7% to 8 %) from 1 January 2023 to 31 Dec 2023. As such, the final fees (inclusive of 8% GST) for the PSS-INLIS products will remain unchanged.

For more information, please contact CrimsonLogic’s or call 68877888.


With immediate effect, no requests will be entertained for completed transaction under the current PSS-INLIS arrangement between Crimsonlogic and Singapore Land Authority. To avoid making more than 1 similar search, please DO NOT do a fresh search immediately if you encounter difficulties completing your transaction.

Please report the incident within 7 days to PSS-INLIS Helpdesk at (65) 6887 7888.

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